What We Do 



Our high school volunteers work in their communities around the country at the grassroots level to help policy-makers understand the issues that impact child poverty and to advocate for change that will lift more kids out of poverty.  We also help nourish families in our area who are struggling with hunger by providing fresh, healthy food each week until they can become self sufficient.

 Feed Hungry Kids 


We raise money through social media and other sources.  The money goes to rescuing fresh produce that would be wasted and buying perishables in bulk.  We then distribute that food each week.

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Press Releases


See press releases on what is happening at Penn Harvest and explore the latest news on fighting child poverty.

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Penn Havest News Releases to help end Child Povrty
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 Advocate for Change 


We analyze policy with real facts and data to see what will actually make a difference. 

Then we ensure that elected officials are hearing about these issues from their constituencies at a grassroots level.

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