Penn Harvest extending deliveries to more families in need


Founded By Local High School Student, Poverty-fighting Charity Provides High-quality Weekly Food Donations To Serve Philadelphia-area Children and Families

Monday, September 10, 2018  9:00 am EDT

RADNOR, Pa. -- Penn Harvest announced today that it is extending delivery of non-perishable and fresh food to impoverished areas outside of the immediate Philadelphia area.  The charity has identified areas in the greater metro area that can benefit from its services -- providing free weekly meal deliveries of healthy food to families in need.  The deliveries will start this week.  Food pantries, churches, or other organizations that wish to receive these free deliveries can contact Penn Harvest at 1-484-380-5707 or 


"We have a real challenge with child poverty here in the Philadelphia area," said Nick Chakraborty, a high school senior and Executive Director of Penn Harvest. "As in many large cities, poverty levels are high. Over 25% of Philadelphia's population and 37% of the city's children live in poverty according to the 2017 data."


Chakraborty founded Penn Harvest after his sophomore year in high school to try and help.  The organization's volunteers gather donations and then buy food in bulk from distributors and farmers.  They then sort the food and deliver it to distribution points in targeted local communities where it will do the most good.  

"In addition to providing food, we try to inform the community and our elected officials about the challenges that children in poverty are facing," said Chakraborty.  "Our volunteers focus on three areas of current policy: food insecurity, early childhood education, and access to healthcare.  In our advocacy efforts, we focus on real data and the impact that policy can have on these children's lives."

Chakraborty is hopeful that Penn Harvest's efforts will make life better for as many children as he can.  Ultimately, he sees an America that has eliminated child poverty.  To donate or volunteer, please go to

About Penn Harvest Hunger Relief, Inc.

1 of every 6 children in the U.S. lives in poverty.  In Philadelphia, the number is far worse -- 1 in 3 kids.  We are high school students working nationally and locally to make things better by advocating policy change and providing healthy food to families in need.  100% of donations go toward providing food for those in need.


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