How You Can Help 

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We will show you how to earn volunteer hours from your home while you advocate for change in your local community, on social media, and directly with elected officials.  You can also get the word out and raise donations, 100% of which go directly toward feeding hungry families. 



$36 will buy enough groceries to feed an entire family for a week.  For a list of places you can donate, click below.

Places to donate 
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Attend an Event

Register to attend a webinar or live event to learn more about child poverty and ways to combat it, to pack and deliver food, or to talk advocacy strategy.


Register for Upcoming Events here

Voluntee event to help pack food for hungry
Help provide meals to hungry children

Earn Volunteer Hours

We welcome virtual volunteers from all over the U.S.  Our approach gets your voice heard by elected officials.  

Earn Volunteer Hours here

High school volunteer earning hours by advocating for change in policy